Back to the Aquarium

I have been rather silent once again.

Things have been rather busy since I got back from Indonesia.

Between working several jobs and producing a web-series (which I will post about soon!), I simply haven’t had the time to do the kinds of exciting things I like to write about.

The good news is, this Saturday I’m going away again, to Denmark and then France, and I will have lots of photos and things to write about then.

On Monday, my boyfriend Milo and I went back to the Vancouver Aquarium.  It was busy, as usual, but I was in a more patient mood for photographing poorly lit moving creatures through glass…
So I think I was fairly successful.  I suggest you refer back to my earlier posts about the Aquarium, if you are unfamiliar with my internal debate over it.

Or just enjoy the photos, that’s cool too.

You will notice a high percentage of jellyfish photos – this is due to the fact that there is currently a jellyfish exhibit at the Aquarium.  They’re very interesting creatures, and rather challenging photography subjects, which I recommend reading about here:


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